• Konfigurer din egen plansilo

    Sammensæt din køresilo med køresilo-konfiguratoren. Angiv hvilken type betonelementer du vil have, indstil målene for køresiloens vægge og vælg overfladebehandlingen. Indenfor 48 timer modtager du et skarpt tilbud.

NÆSTE MESSE De Beurs van Libramont, Libramont – 27 t/m 30 juli 2018


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Bosch Beton, your retaining wall manufacturer

Over the course of forty years, Bosch Beton has become a professional company and Dutch industry forerunner when it comes to consultation on, and manufacture & marketing of, prefab retaining walls throughout Western Europe. This industry dominance is the result of many years of experience, intensive research, constant product improvement and prompt delivery from stock. Thanks to these qualities, we can guarantee that you receive the best possible product. This website contains all the necessary information about bunker silo walls, from initial purchase to installation and use.